150L Solar Geyser Retrofit Kit

SKU 68-RET-150


This kit contains the following stock:

  • 1 x vacuum tube/manifold/frame 16
  • 1 x solar draincock
  • 1 x 10w PV panel
  • 1 x 12v brass circulation pump
  • 1 x tempering valve
  • 1 x air release valve
  • 1 x 20a geyser timer

These are the basic components you’ll need to refrofit your geyser to solar. You can upgrade this kit by substituting a Geyserwise controller for the standard 20a geyser timer. This will increase the efficiency of the system as well as allow you to see the temperature of the water inside the geyser

It’s possible that your geyser will require an extra valve in order to use the retrofit kit – we’ve created the most popular kit

You’ll need some pipes and fittings in order to install this system, we do supply all the components – they are not included inside the kit as these are variable per site

We recommend that this system be installed by a qualified plumber

This product is available for collection from any of our branches or delivery in Gauteng

• Our lead time for delivery is generally 3-5 working days
• Online payments are secure
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The 150L Solar Geyser Retrofit Kit is specifically designed to convert an existing installed Kwikot or any other make or brand of high pressure electric water heater with a working pressure of 400kPa or 600kPa with a storage capacity of 150lts and 200lts, into a direct solar water heating system.
The system is suitable for all climatic conditions (frost and frost free locations) and works on the pump circulation method with an array of evacuated tubes.

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