Solar geysers harness energy from the sun in order to create hot water. Water is heated through a collector (vaccum tubes or flat plate) and heat is transferred into a storage tank (geyser) either by natural means (thermosiphon) or by the use of a pump.

Direct geyser – Potable water is heated inside the collector, it flows into the geyser and ultimately the water system – this is the most efficient means of heating water.

Indirect geyser – The liquid that is heated inside the collector is separate to the potable water inside the geyser. Water inside the geyser is indirectly heated through a heat exchanger or “double jacket” The reason for this is either to protect a flat plate collector from freezing or to protect it from hard water.

Thermosiphon – Water/glycol rises naturally from the collector into the geyser.

Pumped – A pump is used to push heat down from the collector into the geyser – typically used when the geyser is installed inside the roof for aesthetic reasons or in bulk water systems

Advantages of Solar Geysers:

  • Use the sun to heat your geyser – FREE HOT WATER!
  • Saves Electricity, Saves Energy!
  • Good for the environment!
  • Saves you money!

Our Solar Systems range include: Kayema Energy Solutions, Kwikot Solar Systems, Powerz-On Solar Systems, and Pacific Solar Systems.