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The Geyserwise TSE IOT, for use in thermosiphon solar geysers or standard electrical geysers, is the same Geyserwise timer with all the functions you’ve grown to love now with the added benefit of being able to manage your geyser from your phone

It works with either the Tuya or the Smart Life App

You’re able to set your desired temperature of the geyser at various times during the day as well as turn the element on/off from anywhere in the world, this is a game changer especially foe the hospitality industry but also for individuals who want to manage their geyser effectively and with maximum convenience

For customers who already have the Geyserwise Max/TSE units we do sell the retrofit option which is a new PC Board for the display

The basic functions remain the same as follows:

  • Clear display of water temperature, time, day, heating mode and malfunction conditions.
  • Auto or manual heating.
  • Easy temperature setting to your requirements (30 – 65°C) factory default is 55°C.
  • Four different temperature settings.
  • Daily programmable timer with four time settings.
  • Error conditions alert by warning code E2 to E5.
  • Electronic thermostat with mechanical thermal cut-out at 90°C.

The operating spec is the same as the current Geyserwise TSE unit and can be found below:

  • Operating voltage 230VAC / 50HZ.
  • Main relay contact rating 30AMP (Max 4KW).
  • Operating voltage range 160V – 250V AC.
  • Temperature display range 0 – 99°C (“-5” when below -5°C “EA” when above 99°C).
  • High temperature warning above 84°C.
  • Temperature setting ranges 30 – 65°C (heating water electrically).
  • Heat failure – when increase at a rate of less than 4°C per hour.
  • Mechanical thermal cut-out at 90°C. Please note the cut-out temperature for systems expected to reach temperatures above this temperature.
  • Dry heat detection – empty cylinder.
  • Temperature tolerance ± 2%.
  • Temperature differential setting 1°C.
  • Switching differential 6°C.
  • Temperature probe failure detection for tank
  • Temperature probe range for geyser is -30 to + 130°C.

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