Sunsynk Powerlynk 3.6KW INV, 3.84 KWH Battery



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About the product

The Sunsynk Powerlynk 3.6KW INV, 3.84KWH BATT is masterfully crafted to simplify and speed up installation. This allows for more efficient planning and implementation of large volume roll outs in new house builds or retrofits.

The dedicated Sunsynk Connect platform enables full control, visibility, and access to the system, making site-specific customization easy.

The Sunsynk Powerlynk 3.6KW comes complete with everything you need to install this cutting-edge storage solution. In-built connection points give access to the Load, Grid, CT, and Wi-Fi data logger ports, making it a true “plug and play” system.

The pre-set factory settings and the in-built connection ports allow for an easy and hassle free instalaltion.

Solar Compatible

You can add up to 4500w worth of Solar Power to this system. This makes it the perfect solution for smaller households looking to backup essential loads during loadshedding.

Easy to move

The fact that its an all in one solution means its perfect for tenents looking to install a solution that can be easily uninstalled and re-installed at a new location should you move homes

These units are also an excellent source of backup for smaller offices who need to power a few computers during loadshedding in order to ensure that business will carry on

Well Priced

The reasonable pricepoint is indicitve of Sunsynk’s commitment to offer quality products priced right.

Contact us for recommended installers for these units to make sure they work to their full potential

For those who require a bit more power during load-shedding enquire about the sunysnk 5KW Powerlynk unit comming soon to South Africa.

Unlimited Solar recommends: This unit is perfect for smaller apartments looking for a backup solution during loadshedding.

Here’s a link to the datasheet which offers valueble information for installers and end users alike

Sunsynk Mobile_Datasheet_Powerlynk X