Is your pool too cold to swim as much as you’d like to? No matter what size or temperature your pool is we have a solution for you – Swimming Pool Heat Pumps!

Swimming Pool Solar or heat pumps can be used to warm up your pool and ensure that quality swimming time you and your family have craved, after all, what’s a Sunday braai without a sparkling blue pool?

How it works:
Solar panels are installed on your roof and connected to your existing pool pump. Cold water is pumped through the panels where it is heated by the suns energy and then re–enters the pool warmer than before. The purpose of Solar heating for your pool is to take the sting out of the water and make it more comfortable for you to swim.

Benefits of a Solar Swimming Pool

  • Ease of installation – we can sell you a DIY kit or arrange an installer for you.
  • No added heating costs – use your existing pool pump to pump the water through the solar panels.
  • Easy on the environment – solar energy is environmentally friendly and does not emit any pollution.

Heat Pump:
For those of you who want a specific temperature from your pool, or if solar will not work on your roof for any reason a heat pump can be used as an alternative solution to heat your pool. Heat pumps are efficient in their use of energy and will extend your family’s swimming calendar.

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